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6 min readMay 23, 2019


Time Auction is a charity that connects anyone with inspiring leaders while encouraging volunteerism. By volunteering 10 hours to any charity, one can join inspiring experiences — from dining with entrepreneurs to cooking with Michelin-starred chefs. Now in Malaysia — here is a list of charities that you can volunteer at!


(Time Auction’s Recommended Platform)

Sedunia is the place for you to make a little difference in your everyday life, a platform that helps you to create, coordinate and track impact in the communities around you. By featuring different sorts of volunteer activities and gathering small but purposeful actions, it could create consistent impact that results in lasting positive transformation.


PichaEats is a social entreprise that partner with refugee chef to serve great food through deliver and catering service. In Malaysia, refugees, even with UNHCR card are not allowed to employed formally and children are not allowed to go for formal education. As of now, we are working with 13 chef and has impacted up to 120 individiuals- for mother chef to earn an income and support the livelihood of family and education of children.

Contact Details: minchia@pichaeats.com; +60 105207660

Yayasan Generasi Gemilang

Yayasan Generasi Gemilang is a platform that aims to improve the lives of under-served children and families by increasing access to quality education. They believe Education is key in helping under-served children and families break out of the poverty cycle. By helping them break out of the poverty cycle, they have hope for a better future.

Dignity Foundation

Dignity has been providing education and care to underprivileged children for the past 20 years. From a classroom of just 20 students, they have educated more than 8,000 students, with 1,700 enrolled this year. Dignity is the largest and most comprehensive learning centre for the underprivileged in West Malaysia.

Street Feeders of KL

Street Feeders is a non-governmental organisation initiated since 2011. The act of distributing food supplies is a mere way of reaching out and forming a relationship to dialogue and help our homeless friends re-integrate back into society through counselling, potential job opportunities and simply lending a willing ear that listens to them and their stories.

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen Project

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen project was established to provide regular meals at various locations around Kuala Lumpur on a regular basis. Soup kitchens provide an important way to give back to the community by offering a healthy meal to those who are in need. This community outreach effort is established and managed by Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI), one of Malaysia’s longest running NGOs.

EPIC homes

The EPIC Homes programme is designed to develop support networks by bringing together rural and urban folk through the act of building homes, leading to the development of cooperative, resilient and sustainable communities. EPIC Homes also organises Pathfinders volunteering workshops from time to time.

Hospital Beyond Boundaries

Hospitals Beyond Boundaries (HBB) is a non-profit organisation started in 2012 dedicating towards improving the health of vulnerable communities through sustainable health care efforts. HBB aims to achieve this by establishing hospitals and clinics run by local communities as social health enterprises.

Teddy Mobile Clinic

Teddy Mobile Clinic are a group of individuals who want to provide their love and care to the less fortunate. Their vision is to start a free mobile clinic to provide free medical care for the homeless, urban poor and everyone else who cannot afford it.

Elom Empowerment

ELOM EMPOWERMENT is an organisation which is officially registered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is licensed to open and run schools, training centres and do social businesses to support social cause. They aim to provide refugees the opportunities and means to reach their full potential to become active members of the society. Also, Elom Empowerment also tries to offer life skills to young refugee in Malaysia through education and training tailored to their specific needs.

Rohingya Project

Rohingya Project is targeting a central issue the stateless Rohingya face as a result of statelessness: financial exclusion.The platform will tap into the entrepreneurial potential of the Rohingya community and offer options to counter their exclusion from the mainstream. Over time, the Project will strive to be a space where the stateless Rohingya can organise themselves and support their own on-the-ground and virtual initiatives to further their community’s interests.

World Vision

World Vision is an international Christian humanitarian organisation dedicated to working with children and families to overcome extreme poverty and injustice. World Vision work to promote human transformation, seek justice for the oppressed and demonstrate the love of God for all peoples. They serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.


GoBantu is a social enterprise that allows volunteering beyond labour work. In GoBantu, they aim to match volunteer to welfare homes and non-profit charity organisations based on individuals’ skills and expertise, while treating the problem of long-term and skilled volunteers shortage.


Hati.my is a free bilingual directory that provides listings on Malaysian charities, non-profit organisations and movements supporting underprivileged communities. They offer a solution to the lack of centralised information on charities and non-profit organisations in Malaysia.

Online Volunteer Programs

You can support worthy causes at home too!

The Granny Cloud

Members of the Granny Cloud interact with groups of children, engaging them in conversation and in activities of various kinds, such as reading and telling stories, craft activities, solving puzzles and exploring big questions. The role of the Granny includes provoking curiosity, asking questions, listening attentively and providing warm encouragement.

Missing Maps

Each year, disasters around the world kill nearly 100,000 and affect or displace 200 million people. Many of the places where these disasters occur are literally ‘missing’ from any map and first responders lack the information to make valuable decisions regarding relief efforts. Missing Maps is an open, collaborative project in which you can help to map areas where humanitarian organisations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people.

Good things come to those who give.

Volunteer at any charity and join our inspiring experiences in Kuala Lumpur!

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