Matchmaking between Talents and NGOs — Introducing Time Auction’s New Program

Why Hong Kong Needs Skill-based Volunteering

Most nonprofits don’t have much room to invest in functions such as marketing, design, finance, and technology. However, the need for these skills are great.

How Finding the Right Talent Has Helped Our Growth

🎨 Abby — The Graphic Designer who designed our Annual Report!

The making-of (left) and the published Annual Report (right)

🎉 John — The Event Planner behind our Anniversary Event “Time of Our Lives”

John (left) volunteering backstage at the event

💭 Aaron — The Entrepreneur who helped us grow from a side project to a charity!

Aaron participating in one of our many brainstorming sessions (left)

Helping Nonprofits Find the Talent They Need

Our survey shows that 92% of nonprofits need skilled volunteers, yet 83% couldn’t find them.

With the support from Swire Trust, we are launching a new technology platform to facilitate the matching (kind of like online dating for nonprofits!).

Our new skilled-volunteer matching platform connects nonprofits and volunteers

Be Part of the Volunteer Movement

Volunteer your skills here:

Sign up as an Organization to recruit volunteers here:

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Time Auction

Time Auction


Time Auction is a charity that advocates volunteerism. We encourage volunteering with inspiring experiences, while connecting skilled-volunteers with NGOs.