Community Spotlight: Stephanie Hung, Management Trainee

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4 min readMar 2, 2020

Curious about what volunteerism and Time Auction events are all about? Meet our community who has shared their memorable experiences in their volunteering journey and meetings with our featured guests!

“If you want to have something, give first.”

We are delighted to have Stephanie tell us about her services involving elderly care and her experience with Time Auction events. We are deeply moved by her drive to improve the conditions of the elderly in Hong Kong.

Meet Stephanie Hung!

Stephanie is a management trainee of Esquel Group, an environmentally-conscious textile company. She has been working in the group for a year. Although she currently resides overseas for work, she regularly visits Hong Kong and volunteers whenever she can.

Stephanie’s volunteer journey — Providing care for the elderly

Stephanie’s volunteer work revolves around providing elderly care, improving mental health and environmental issues. She is actively involved in a scheme called “ Food Friend Action — Food Recycling Education Tour” organized by People Service Center. Through leading numerous food recycling tours in Shek Kip Mei Market, she tries to raise the awareness of people from various communities and redistribute food to elderly in need.

In one such event, she came across an elderly woman who was neglected by her child and was unable to earn a living. She was not eligible for the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme and could not afford public housing. With the limited support of the Old Age Living Allowance, she could not afford costly medical aid and needed support from the community.

“Before volunteering, I was living in ignorance bliss. Volunteering has helped me understand the struggles of the underprivileged. ”

Stephanie is grateful to have embarked on a journey of volunteering. Her biggest takeaway from volunteering is her new perspectives gained in life. She understands how fortunate she is to have received a quality education and feels responsible to help the less fortunate.

Gaining insights from leaders in our society

“Meeting with influential figures has taught me many life lessons as well as useful skills such as business management. ”

Through joining Time Auction events, Stephanie has had the opportunity to meet with leading figures in society. In addition to networking skills, she also learned about the common elements of a path to success.

She remembered her dinner with Anson Chan, Former Chief Secretary of HKSAR Government. From that meeting, she learned the importance of critical thinking in today’s society. It is easy to form second-hand opinions just by borrowing other people’s views. With this mindset, our viewpoints are easily swayed by extremist ideas. It is important to formulate your own opinions and stand firm with them even when challenged.

Have the courage to bring about change

Stephanie is also one of our Student Ambassadors before she graduated from uni!

“If I fail, If I succeed, at least I live as I believe . ”

With the world in the state as it is, it is easy to feel frustrated. Stephanie gave her words of encouragement to people who feel powerless to bring on change. People may not always acknowledge the cause of your actions and sometimes the tides may turn against you. However, as long as you stay true to yourself and believe in what is right, you have nothing to fear.

“Giving is more blessed than receiving. ”

Stephanie also lives by the Law of Attraction and believes that bringing positivity to other people will ultimately result in positivity for oneself. People are sometimes too result-oriented and purely focus on thinking about what could be gained. However, the truth is that there are many unexpected pay-offs you can receive when helping people. She encourages people to give rather than expect to receive.

Thank you so much to Stephanie for contributing 104 volunteer hours and participating in 10 of our events!

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Interviewed & written by Isaac Chang| Edited by Giselle Lee



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